GuardedID has a simple interface which does not typically require any interaction from the user. Once GuardedID has been installed and activated, it defaults to silently launch its protection services every time you restart your computer and/or sign-in to your Windows account.

To learn more about GuardedID's interface, continue reading below.

Taskbar Icons

The GuardedID taskbar icon serves as a status indicator of the current operational state of GuardedID which will display additional information when you hover your mouse over it. Descriptions of the possible operational states of GuardedID are listed below:

Enabled GuardedID is currently activated and enabled.

Disabled GuardedID is currently disabled.

Unavailable GuardedID's keystroke encryption protection is not available for the application you are currently typing in.

Activation Required GuardedID is not currently activated with a valid Activation Key.

Important Note

GuardedID must be activated with a valid Activation Key before it can be enabled. If you have not already done so, activate GuardedID by following the instructions within Activation.
Error GuardedID has encountered an error which is preventing it from functioning properly.

Taskbar Icon Context Menu (Right-Click Menu)

You can right-click the GuardedID taskbar icon to access the GuardedID context menu which is seen and explained below:

Manage License This option opens the GuardedID License Manager window which can be used to activate GuardedID with a valid Activation Key, deactivate GuardedID from your current computer, and/or update your contact information.
Preferences This option opens the GuardedID Preferences menu which gives you access to the options listed below:

  • *Enable Secured Highlight Mode: This option enables/disables the GID CryptoColor feature which highlights text fields on websites you visit with the custom color set within the "Custom..." button menu.
  • Automatically start when I log on to Windows: This option enables/disables whether or not GuardedID will automatically start itself every time you restart your computer and/or log in to your Windows account.
  • Enable "Always On" screen capture protection: This option enables/disables whether or not GuardedID will always protect you from dangerous screenscraping malware by automatically blocking attempts to capture the visible content on your screen. If enabled, you may see the below image when attempting to use a screen-capturing application:

  • Show Status on Startup: This option enables/disables whether or not GuardedID will display a notification containing its current activation status every time it is started.
  • *Show all hidden frame elements: This option enables/disables whether or not GuardedID will force hidden website elements to be displayed on websites you visit.
  • *Show red border around frames from other sites: This option enables/disables whether or not GuardedID will display a red border around embedded website content which originated from a different website than the one you are currently visiting.
  • *Show Anti-Clickjack warning dialog box: This option enables/disables whether or not GuardedID will display a warning if it detects that the website you are current visiting may contain an invisible, embedded clickjack attack object.
* = feature is available only when using the GuardedID extension/toolbar on supported internet browsers.
Event Viewer This option opens the built-in Windows Event Viewer application for the purposes of troubleshooting any potential issues with GuardedID.
Allow Screen Share If you have "Always On" screen capture protection enabled in GuardedID's Preferences menu, this option allows you to temporarily allow applications to capture your screen contents for durations of 15 minutes, 30 minutes, or until you restart your computer.
Enabled To enable GuardedID, click this Enabled option so that it displays a checkmark. To disable GuardedID, click this Enabled option so that it does not display a checkmark.
Check for Updates This option forces GuardedID to immediately check for any available program updates. If an available update is found, you will be prompted to download/install it.

GuardedID automatically checks for updates periodically regardless of whether or not you manually check for updates.
Help The Help option launches your default internet browser which then displays this current GuardedID documentation for your future reference.
About The About option opens the GuardedID About window which displays some technical information about your currently installed version of GuardedID.
Exit Clicking Exit allows you to immediately quit the GuardedID application from running. If GuardedID exited in this manner, you must manually relaunch the GuardedID application (C:\Program Files (x86)\SFT\GuardedID\GIDD.exe) or restart your computer if you have GuardedID set to automatically start itself upon computer restarts.