Browser Extensions

To take advantage of GuardedID's CryptoColor and Anti-Clickjacking features in your internet browsers, you must install GuardedID's "NoClickjack" browser extension for each internet browser by following the instructions below.

For Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox:

Click the GuardedID dock icon, then select GuardedID > Check for Extensions from the menu bar as seen below:

If GuardedID's "NoClickjack" extension is available for installation for Google Chrome and/or Mozilla Firefox, a notification will appear for each as seen below. Click the Install button on each of these notifications to launch the "NoClickjack" extension installation page:

Note: You can also install the "NoClickjack" extension by opening the following links in their respective internet browser:

For Safari:

Note: The "NoClickjack" extension for Safari is only available on macOS 10.13 (High Sierra) or later. You can check which version of OS X / macOS you have by selecting  > About This Mac from the menu bar.
The "NoClickjack" extension is automatically installed for Safari when you install GuardedID. To enable it, open Safari then select Safari > Preferences from the menu bar as seen below:

In the Preferences window which appears, go to the Extensions tab and enable/check NoClickjack as seen below:

You should now see the "NoClickjack" extension icon in Safari's toolbar as seen below:

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